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Seattle Medicare Can Save Billions of Dollars from Weight Loss Programs

Seattle Medicare can save billions of dollars if they focus on weight loss prevention programs dedicated for the seniors who have heart disease and diabetes. According to the researchers from Emory University, proven weight loss programs should be implemented to those individuals who are between 60 and 64 years old who are having pre-diabetes. When they are going to be 65 years old they will become eligible for Medicare plans.

Pre-diabetes is the stage wherein the blood sugar of the patient is not really that high compared to type 2 diabetes. But they are quite higher compared to the normal level. Pre-diabetes can result to type 2 diabetes after ten years if there are no interventions being done. Sometimes persons who have pre-diabetes can also suffer from heart disease and damage in the circulatory system. The transition to type 2 diabetes cannot be avoided. However, if these patients will exercise regularly, eat a well-balanced and healthy diet and lose some weight then there are chances that their sugar level will become normal again.

According to Kenneth E. Thorpe, PhD, their evaluation should be considered by the members of the Congress so that they can reduce their Medicare spending. The federal government should try to address the increase in the rates of obesity and chronic disease. Thorpe further added that most of the health care spending is caused by the increase in the number of people who are suffering from health issues which are linked to excess weight such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

If more attention is given to the prevention and weight loss programs then it can create a big impact in fighting these serious health conditions and at the same time it can lessen the Medicare spending. You can visit us at www.WAMedicareInsureAgent.com and we can provide you more information about Seattle Medicare.

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