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Medicare Washington State Reduces Heart Failure Patients

According to a new study, the number of Medicare patients who were hospitalized due to heart failure has decreased. Heart failure is one of the major medical conditions among Medicare Washington State beneficiaries. The risk of heart failure continues to increase as people age. That is why; heart failure is one of the major causes of hospitalizations among the older people. It is also one of the most costly diseases in the United States. It is not also confirmed whether the decrease in ischemic heart disease is related to the decrease in the hospitalization for heart failure patients. In order to determine the rate of hospitalization for heart failure patients, Jersey Chen, M.D.,M.P.H., and his colleagues analyzed the data between 1998 and 2008.

After the evaluation, they found out that there is a decrease of at least 29% in the rate of heart failure hospitalization. This reduction of rate is discovered on almost all sexes and races except for Black men who have the lowest rate of reduction. They also discovered that there is a variety of decline in each state. Some states have a huge decline compared to the other states.

Furthermore, the researchers have concluded that the reduction was due to the less number of patients with heart failure who are hospitalized and not on the decline of the occurrence of heart failure hospitalization. However, according to Mihai Gheorghiade, M.D., although the study of Chen revealed that there is a decline in heart failure hospitalization, the rate for readmission and mortality remains to be high. Hospitalization costs can be costly especially if you have a heart failure disease.

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