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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Washington State Can Fill the Gaps in Health Coverage

Seniors are paying for the health coverage gap left by Medicare. By obtaining Medicare Supplemental Insurance Washington State plans, there’s no need for you to fill these gaps. The health reform law aims in providing health coverage to millions of Americans who are still uninsured in 2014. This new law also requires every state to oblige to the expansion program of Medicaid so that people who are earning 133% from the poverty level can enjoy coverage.

Health insurance exchanges will be established so that people who are not covered by employer sponsored health plans can purchase their own coverage. The reform law also offers subsidies to low income and middle income families so that they can pay for the costs of their health coverage.

However, the Supreme Court recently rules that the expansion program of Medicaid is not mandatory. There are some states which participated in the program because they are taking advantage of the 100% funding from the federal government. In 2020, this funding will decrease to 90% and the 10% will be paid by the state. There are some states which are not expanding their Medicaid programs because they do not want to pay their 10% share. Poor people in these states will remain uninsured. The new health care law also provides tax credits in order to help people in purchasing their private plans. Sometimes it is very sad to think that the poorest people do not have any form of coverage while the others are enjoying tax subsidies.

The only solution to this problem is for state officials to implement the expanded Medicaid program and accept the federal subsidies. Covering the gap in health coverage is very important not only for the adults but also for the seniors. You can find more Medicare Supplemental Insurance Washington State quotes at www.WAMedicareInsureAgent.com.

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