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How the Election Can Affect Medicare Advantage Washington State

The costs of Medicare Advantage Washington State may vary according to the coverage of the plan.  If you want to get the most out of your plan then you have to choose a plan that can be suitable for your needs.

Based on the studies and the data, we can say that Medicare can provide more benefits at a lower cost compared to private health insurance plans.  In fact, Medicare is more cost-effective.  In order to address the budget deficit of the country, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan suggest that the private insurance companies should handle the management of Medicare.  Privatization is an effective way of limiting the spending of the federal government.  But at the same time, it can also compromise the care that the Medicare enrollees will receive.  As a result it can increase the overall health care costs of each family.

When it comes to the cost, private health insurance plans cost 11% more than Medicare plans with the same benefits.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, if Medicare will be privatized then seniors would pay 68% of their health care cost in 2030.  This is more than twice the 25% that they are paying now under the present law.

Typically, a senior will have to pay $4,600 out of pocket for their health care.  Older adults are expected to pay more if the Medicare program will be privatized and this can put a risk to their access for medical care.  The Medicare data can help us to monitor their performance and assess the payments made to the services so that the health system can be improved.  We have to remember that Medicare is a security for all the elderly as well as for people who have disabilities.  It promotes better care and helps to control the costs.

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