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Factors to Consider When Choosing Medicare Advantage Plans Washington State

It is very important to choose the best Medicare Advantage plans Washington state. Be sure that all the costs for your medical care are covered.  The best time to review your choices is during the open enrollment period of Medicare.

Medicare announced that they are introducing a new schedule for physician fees in 2013.  Family physicians can receive a 7% increase in their Medicare payments while other primary care providers can obtain an increase of between 3% and 5% under the rule of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Most of the increase in the reimbursement for physician fees will come from the additional payments for the care that they provide to patients after staying in a skilled nursing facility or a hospital.  Based on the final rule, these providers will obtain a separate payment while helping patients return back to the community after their discharge.  The American Medical Association is very happy about these transitional payments.    The AMA was pleased that the CMS has finally recognized the value of these vital services in order to improve their overall health.  But the American College of Cardiology does not agree to these transitional payments.  William Zoghbi, MD, who is the president of ACC, says that this final rule can reduce the payments to cardiologists.  The cuts in payments that will be made for the cardiologists and specialists will result in an ineffective health care delivery.

Another final rule was issued on how the reimbursements of Medicaid can equalize with Medicare’s primary care providers as stated in the Affordable Care Act.  The federal government will pay for the entire difference between the payment of Medicaid and the Medicare rate.  The increase in payments can generally affect the pediatricians, general internists, family medicine physicians as well as other related subspecialists.

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