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Benefits of Choosing Bellevue Medicare Advantage

Most seniors obtain coverage from the Original Medicare plan.  However, this plan will not be able to cover all of the costs that are needed for their health care.  That is why some seniors are now purchasing Bellevue Medicare Advantage.  If all your medical costs can be covered by a Medicare Advantage plan then you don’t have to worry about anything especially if you are suffering from a chronic illness.

The Affordable Care Act has provided a lot of benefits to seniors and disabled individuals.  More than 5.4 million Medicare beneficiaries have saved over $4.1 billion for their prescription drugs.  During the first seven months of 2012, at least 18 million Medicare beneficiaries have received free preventive services.  Every senior who is in the coverage gap or donut hole for their Medicare prescription drug coverage can get a savings of at least $768.  The health care law has definitely saved a lot of lives.  Millions of beneficiaries have been able to obtain some savings from their prescription drugs and at the same time they can have to opportunity to obtain mammograms, cancer screenings and other preventive services free of cost.  Thanks to the health care law, Medicare is now becoming stronger by providing more savings to seniors and giving them new benefits without any costs.

The health care law provides benefits so that the Medicare prescription drug plans can be more affordable.  In 2010, whenever a Medicare beneficiary will reach the donut hole on their prescription drug plan then he will receive $250 as a rebate.  In 2011, if a Medicare beneficiary will reach the coverage gap then they can enjoy a 50% discount on the brand name drugs plus a discount for their generic drugs.

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