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Benefits from Medicare Eligibility Seattle Plans

Seniors who want to obtain health coverage should choose to obtain Medicare Eligibility Seattle plans. Today, a lot of elder people are asking what benefits they can obtain after the Supreme Court has already made its decision. Medicare beneficiaries can enjoy a variety of benefits from the new health care law which includes wellness visits, preventive services and great savings from prescription medications.

Medicare enrollees can visit their doctor every year so that their health status can be reviewed and their risks for diseases can be prevented. Your doctor will be able to create a personalized prevention plan for you without any deductibles or co-payments needed. Preventive services include colonoscopies, mammograms and other screenings. These services can be obtained without the requirement of co-payments or deductibles. Medicare beneficiaries can also obtain 50% discount on their brand name medications when they are on coverage gap or doughnut hole. This is the time when the senior needs help in paying for their medications. This coverage gap will finally be wiped out in the year 2020.

Seniors and disabled persons who are covered by Medicare plans can save at least $600 on their prescription medications. There are over26 million Medicare beneficiaries who have obtained preventive services and wellness visits. All of these benefits are made possible due to the Affordable Care Act. However, if the Supreme Court will strike down the individual mandate of the law which oblige every individual to purchase their own health insurance plan then most of the Medicare’s new benefits will remain the same.

If the health care law will be eliminated then there will be no more funds for the experiments being done by Medicare in order improve the quality of care so that health care costs can be reduced. There are a variety of Medicare Eligibility Seattle plans that you can obtain at www.WAMedicareInsureAgent.com.

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