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Are Seattle Medicare Advantage Health Plans Necessary?

During the enrollment period for Medicare, beneficiaries can choose to change their plan or to stay on their current plan.  If they are already satisfied with the cost and the benefits of their current plan then there is no need to get a new plan.  However, if your plan will not be able to cover your present needs anymore then you have to choose another plan.  For instance, if you have new prescriptions or a new health condition then you have to find a plan that covers these needs.  Beneficiaries can either stay with the Original Medicare plan or purchase Seattle Medicare Advantage health plans.

Industry groups and patient advocacy groups are pleased about the move of Medicare to start paying for the home care, nursing home care and physical therapy costs of patients who are being denied coverage.  But it is not yet clear how much this will cost for the government.

This change can greatly affect hundreds of thousands of patients who have chronic conditions.  A lot of families are ignoring these important services since they can’t afford to pay for them while others have to pay for them out of pocket.  For decades now, the guideline of Medicare has been to stop providing coverage for home care services and skilled nursing care if the patient does not show any improvement.  Most patients who need care are stroke victims who need physical therapy, diabetes patients who need nursing home care and victims of Alzheimer’s disease who require home nurse visits.  If their illness will start to deteriorate then Medicare will not pay for their coverage anymore.  However, the Center for Medicare Advocacy and the Obama administration have agreed to a settlement in order to change the rules of Medicare.

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